Asking For Forgiveness After Having An Affair

by Breakup Makeup

To Must Change If You Really Want Your Ex Back

Are you interested in asking for forgiveness after having an affair?  The most important thing when it comes to restoring a relationship after an affair is restoring the trust that has been lost.

Asking for forgiveness after having an affair requires you to change your attitudes and actions as an individual and as a couple.  You must approach your partner with humility, apologize and ask for forgiveness.  Explain to them exactly why you cheated.  Cheating always stems from a problem within the relationship.  Pinpoint what that is, and work on it with your partner.

A good place to start is to ask yourself, what were you looking for when you cheated?  Was it someone to listen to you?  A physical connection that you lost with your partner?  A thrill from your boring relationship?  Find out what the problem is and work on it as a couple.  Humbly explain to your partner what was lacking in the relationship and what was your reason for straying.  It does not make it any better, and does not justify your actions, but it helps your partner to understand you better.

Next, as a couple you need to open up the channels of communication as wide as possible.  Help your partner to always know exactly where you are and what you are doing, this will help them to gain confidence and trust in you that you aren’t cheating on them again.  You may have to do this for a very long time.  Your partner may even want access to your emails and other personal accounts.  If you really want to build trust, and get your partner back after having an affair, this is necessary.

Always tell your partner you love them and apologize for taking advantage of the relationship.  In the first few months, getting your partner to stay and trust you again is going to take a lot of work and patience from both parties.

On a positive note, you can look at the affair as an opportunity for the both of you to grow as individuals and for the relationship to mature.  Restoring trust in a relationship is going to take and it requires that the both of you change your attitudes and actions.   But know that it is possible to heal the divide and be stronger as couple as a result .

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